The Barrier

    Earwig Arts' production of the premiere of Sally Llewellyn's play The Barrier (Park Theatre, 25 Sept - 20 Oct 2013) was very successful. The show averaged over 75% capacity audiences, with several performances selling out. Many performances towards the end of the run were sold out, suggesting the appeal of reviews and word of mouth recommendations.

    The two performances with post-show Q&A sessions were among those sold out. Guest speakers at the first Q&A (29th Sept) were local Hasidic Rabbi Herschel Gluck OBE, and Andrew Copson, Chief Executive of the British Humanist Association. At the second Q&A (8th Oct) the guest speaker was Rabbi Dr Jonathan Romain, Chair of the Accord Coalition, which campaigns against all faith schools. These three eminent speakers watched the show and led lively and courteous discussions with the audience, writer, director, producer and cast.

    Earwig Arts is proud to have produced The Barrier, a significant new play which generated a lot of understanding and empathy. To our knowledge this play is unique in tackling the sensitive area of relations between an extremely separatist religious community and their neighbours in the modern city.

Photos by Simon Annand